What is a Stand Alone DVR?

In most surveillance operations using a DVR, the commonly used method is to link the DVR card to a computer containing the software. This has serious limitations in the event of a virus attack or power failure, because the surveillance system could be thrown off gear. In order to overcome these problems, a new type of DVR called the “Stand alone DVR” has been launched.

The Stand alone DVR works with very little or no help from the computer. It is a plug and play meaning that installation is very easy and recording can start as soon as the device is installed. Stand alone DVRs can support 4-16 cameras, and a television screen can be added for viewing live pictures. Stand alone DVRs provide all the features that come with computer based DVR systems including network support options that allow you to share the recorded data. The motion of the camera can be controlled based on motion and playback and search option are also available.

Stand alone DVRs can be programmed to record at specific times. With an alarm facility available, fast detection of any intrusion can be detected. On integration with a web server, remote audio/video monitoring and recording is facilitated. Data storage is usually in MPEG format. If there is a problem with storage, a back up plan is activated where by the data is written onto CD disks. Stand alone DVRs also have remote storage facility meaning storage of information can be done at a location away from where the input device is located. This can minimize data pilferage or theft.

Stand alone DVRs are now used extensively in the transport sector. Specially developed Stand alone DVRs have in built features like impact resistance, shock & and vibration resistance are now found in trucks, school and city buses, airport shuttles, cars, taxis, etc. These DVRs are compact and take inputs provided by camera located in different parts of the automobile. It can also provide the driver with a view of the road and\or passengers at all times. In such a system, the storage device is often a replaceable hard disk drive. In some cases, a USB mobile hard disk enclosure is also provided. Use of DVRs in public and private transport devices can increase the security of passengers and cargo.

With enhanced emphasis on security, Stand alone DVRs have become an irreplaceable component of industrial and corporate security systems. In the near future, the Stand alone DVRs may find new applications many areas. The full potentials of this device are yet to be realized and it may not be a surprise to see them used by everyday people for everyday living.

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